Day 1: Vayigash/Genesis 44:18-31

An incredible picture develops through Judah as he illustrates the necessity and the plan through which an intermediary is employed for the sons of Israel. Judah presents himself to Yosef, the judge, both as the defendant’s lawyer and the one that should bear the penalty, if found guilty. Not only does he challenge the second most powerful man in all of Egypt, but he proceeds to give his case as to why Benjamin in innocent. Additionally, Judah offers himself, laying his own life down as a ransom for the sake of Benjamin, his brothers, and his father. He does not back down or flinch, but plows straight through to get to the heart of the judge.

Yosef, on the other hand, is seen as the Viceroy over the land and the people. His word is final, as he personifies the law of Egypt. We are able to see a type and shadow of the Creator (later to be recognized as Yeshua) of humanity standing in this position of authority. Interestingly enough, as a judge for Israel, Yosef is also the accuser of Israel, accusing them to be spies.

This part of the picture does not set well with most of the body of believers. We want to see YHVH as altogether righteous, without the consequences of testing, failure, and disobedience. This is all the more reason to see Yosef as both judge and accuser/prosecutor.

Our Father desires for us to be pure and spotless. As such, He demands that our attention be given to the clean-up efforts of our fallen sin nature. He points out our faults and weaknesses, then proceeds to test what we believe is a restored area of our lives.

Yosef plays this part well. He is taking the time to observe his brother’s actions and acquit them upon the basis of righteousness.

Going back to Judah, a clear prophetic voice begins to arise, as he begins to fulfill his purpose both as a man and a tribe. Judah attests to his own actions as a kinsmen redeemer and points to the Kinsmen Redeemer. When Judah does not give his son to Tamar, but unknowingly actualizes offspring for his son, he plays the part of righteousness inadvertently through his own unrighteousness. Now, he consummates his tribe as the Seed barer as an advocate for the innocent and guilty, alike.

We, too, have an elder brother Who steps up to the plate on our behalf. He saw the guilt that was around Him; yet, His hands were clean. This qualified Yeshua to be our Kinsmen Redeemer, Who was able, and did, make restitution on our behalf. Now, He is the perfect advocate before the Father and makes His strong defense for our lives.

We do not deserve this justification but are truly guilty. However, the High Priest makes atonement for us, as we enter into Covenant through Him. Likewise, in the dissertation that Judah yields to Yosef, we do not hear the brothers argue to be the surety for their family or to receive punishment for the sake of all. All of Israel, whether they knew of what was taking place or not, were being judged through one man, Judah.

Our judgment must come through and be within Yeshua. He alone is perfect and able to bear the scrutiny of the Creator. Nevertheless, we are obliged to enter into His sufferings and die to our own flesh nature. By this, we may identify with Messiah and be identified by Him.

Look around you at this point in the journey. Where do you see the Judge and where do you see the intermediary?

It is incumbent on each of us to receive counsel from the Counselor on how we are to approach the Righteous Judge. We must not give in to fear or accusations, but stand firm in Whom our Righteousness is seen.

Ask Yeshua how He wants to involve you as His mouthpiece for the sake of others that stand before the Judge.

Dwell upon Isaiah 43:25-26, “I, even I, am the one who wipes out your transgressions for My own sake, and I will not remember your sins. Put Me in remembrance, let us argue our case together; state your cause, that you may be proved right.”

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