Day 3: Vayetze/Genesis 29:21-30:13

If Yacov was not tired from working in the field, his strength must have been tested at home with what would turn out to be four wives. Not only would physical strength have been spent, but the emotional output for not one, two, or three, but four wives would have been unnerving. This is clearly indicated as Yacov spoke harshly to Rachel, the wife he loved, saying, “Am I in the place of Elohim, who has withheld from you the fruit of the womb?” Adding to this stress was the relationships of four sons from the so-called “unloved” wife, two more sons from a maid-wife, and then two additional boys from yet another maid-wife.

How much effort in emotions and affection could Yacov have had for each wife and each son with equality and their expectations?

YHVH sanctioned Yacov to go through these trials and stresses for spiritual growth, the multiplicity of a family, and the creation of a nation. Nonetheless, the cycle of wives and birth and competition had to take a toll on the man. Leah felt it. Even after conceiving four children, she still considered herself unloved. Rachel was no less frustrated, fussing at Yacov for what was out of his control.

What was left was a man who had obligations to four wives, eleven sons, a daughter, and a father-in-law/work master who took advantage of every action taken by Yacov. In reality, who in that family would have felt the strains of love mixed with emotion and stress?

YHVH sees His children through all the rough places, as well as the smooth roads. He sees the ups and the downs, all while remaining patient for His bride to remember Him and call upon Him for help.

Yacov remembered YHVH in several of his sufferings of work when looking for witty inventions to overcome the adversities Laban inflicted. Yacov’s wives looked to Elohim for their conceptions, even naming their sons for their disposition before the Father.

In all of the adversities of life, family, friends, and all other stresses, it is easy to form a routine in worship, prayer, love, and even passion, and still, forget the One we worship and hears our prayers. We can be in a pious rut while we fail to remember those we should love, why we have passion and hope, or when we are to show compassion.

Going through the motions of adoration or worship, when there is no heart content, is only a facade. It is quite possible for Yacov to have felt all of these emotions and done all the right actions and still have his heart right; yet, he was only human and the best of humanity loses sight of what is important. The adversary’s role shifted from being in the Light and Truth for worshipping Elohim in eternity to perverting Truth and creating distant worshippers lacking action from their faith. He is all about making the believer spiritual impotent.

Sadly, it is easy to give service without the heart’s full attention or affection. Many believers of any denomination or conviction become can become beautifully adorned on the outside while being completely hollow within.

Our truest need is to have the Ruach come refresh us with His indwelling, not for mere revival, but for the restoration of the Truth and zeal from His Presence. We have been giving revival with the Life of Messiah, but we need to keep the restorative work of YHVH’s kingdom and worship for Him in the foremost of our thoughts and actions. It is His love for us that revives and restores us. Our love reciprocated to Him draws us closer to His throne where tangible growth occurs and mansions (us) are built. Don’t lose hope. Allow the Ruach to breathe hope back into the barren places of your life.

Dwell upon Matthew 24:11-13, “Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many. Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end, he will be saved.”

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