Day 5: Vayeshev/Genesis 39:7-23

There is a great parallel between the Torah account of Yosef and our lives of today. Indeed, the history of mankind can be likened to the experiences found in the life events of Yosef. YHVH wants to challenge us, to test us. In doing so, His goal is not to destroy us, but to accomplish in us what our destiny is—His fulfillment through us versus our own fulfillment through Him.

When we try to escape our current circumstances, we merely fail the test. When we whine or complain or walk away, then the tests become chastisement. Let’s look more readily at the tests:

Yosef had incredible dreams, of which he seemingly did not use wisdom to conceal them until such a time that they would be realized. Instead, he repeatedly conveyed them to his family. Moreover, the jealousy that arose was Yah allowed in order to have later fulfillment. The Father, also, used pride to bring Yosef to a place of malleability and servitude. This instilled a learned humility and usefulness brought about by refinement, which YHVH used to save all of Israel.

Yosef was on a preverbal roller-coaster ride. Up, looking down at everyone else while inside his father’s house, down, inside the pit of sorrow. Up, again looking over the cares of Potiphar’s household, down, in a new pit called prison. Thus, in all of these circumstances, Yosef relied and looked upon YHVH with obedience. His tests did not diminish simply because he was obedient. On the contrary, Yosef was tested even more, and found wholly useable by the Almighty!

Our plight in righteousness is no less and no more. Each of us must give an adequate account of who we are in Messiah as our salvation. We must live through Him and serve, not only as slaves, but as bond-slaves, brothers, and fellow heirs. Our roller-coaster ride may be set to a differing track, go faster, or make more noise than that of our ancestors’, but the result is the same: ups and downs, turns and jolts.

We must learn from Yosef to take our eyes off of the looming climb ahead or what is awaiting us at the bottom of a hasty decline, and look to the horizon, the stability of Yeshua. In Him our tests have been resolved and overcome. The walking out of these tests and trials is what makes us His bride. Without them, we would not obtain to the beauty that our Bridegroom desires of us.

The eagerness to arrive at the end of the journey should be greatly diminished by the continual walk we find ourselves on as we are carried in the arms of our Savior. It is within the journey, the pit, and the jail that we find true contentment and reconciliation to our Father. Furthermore, it is from these places of lowliness and servitude that we will be vaulted to heirship and honor in the One Who served us all.

Are you up to the test? Embrace the journey, for in today’s challenges you will find the place of victory and freedom for the next test. In today’s test, you will find Yeshua.

Dwell upon 2 Corinthians 13:5-6, “Test yourselves to see if you are in the faith; examine yourselves! Or do you not recognize this about yourselves, that Yeshua Messiah is in you—unless indeed you fail the test? But I trust that you will realize that we ourselves do not fail the test.”

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