Day 7: Vayera/Genesis 18:1-22:24

Yeshua said that Abraham saw of His day, and rejoiced! It is quite apparent that Abraham did not only see of Yeshua’s day but actually saw the pre-incarnate Messiah as he lived by the oaks of Mamre. This narrative indicates that the pre-incarnate Yeshua could have been seen and heard prior to the coming of the Son of Man. Like in the Garden of Eden when Elohim walked with Adam in the cool of the day, He also walked with Abraham. This is a foreshadow of what would one day come to pass as Immanuel would walk with His children while searching for the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Abraham saw more than of Messiah’s day, he saw the image of Yeshua and fed Him curds, meat, and bread. He interceded for his nephew, Lot (and his family) living in apostate Sodom, in order to prevent their demise. It shouldn’t be a stretch to say that Sarah saw this Angel of YHVH since she prepared the bread and would have helped serve; nor, it wouldn’t be far from true to realize that Abraham’s servants would have seen and heard this Visitor. Of all those who are not mentioned in the text, it could, also, be rationalized that even Ishmael would have seen and possibly dined with the Anointed One.

Even with all the other dining on that day of visitation, only Abraham is mentioned as one seeing of Messiah’s day and rejoicing. Sarah would, later, rejoice after conception and delivery of Isaac. But of the day of YHVH coming to earth and speaking to His own servant, only Abraham has the honor of seeing the future of Israel standing before him. Perhaps this is best explained with the incident of pleading for the cause of the Righteous while reminding Elohim of His own character in justice and judgment.

YHVH heard the cries coming from Sodom and the surrounding area. He came, personally, to investigate what was taking place and what sentence would be apportioned for this wayward region. Much later, YHVH would come to earth as a man born of woman. He would search for those lost, hurting, and crying out for the Salvation that only comes from the Creator. Unlike Sodom, Yeshua would find more than one righteous living in a corrupted land. Though the earth was not yet judged to be consumed by fire, Messiah would still lead His righteous ones from the pit of despair, the bondage of hopelessness, and the despondency of rejection by the so-called household of faith, calling them to The Place of hope and a future. For those who chose Him, Messiah first leads them through the place of death where all Covenant keepers must go in order to live in Messiah—His own death and the death of the flesh in order for His Ruach to live in them.

Abraham saw of Messiah’s day and rejoiced. We, too, can look to Messiah’s day in the future and rejoice, knowing that we have no place in this world. Our courage to stand and make intercession for those around us, the righteous and lost sheep of the house of Israel, could make a difference for the sake of those living amongst sinners but still crying out for Salvation. Furthermore, looking back, we can rejoice with Abraham, Moshe, David, and the other patriarchs who saw of Messiah, knowing they were looking at the pre-incarnation of the Savior. We can see how He has used times and epochs to call all that belong to Him home, drawing them in patience and lovingkindness. If we are able and have faith, we can open our eyes to the foreshadows of where Yeshua has been, but also see the coming day of the Master, bringing with Him justice and peace in one hand, and a sword and judgment in the other.

Dwell upon 1 Corinthians 2:9-11, “‘Things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard, and which have not entered the heart of man, all that YHVH has prepared for those who love Him.’  For to us YHVH revealed them through the Ruach; for the Ruach searches all things, even the depths of YHVH. For who among men knows the thoughts of a man except the ruach [spirit] of the man which is in him? Even so the thoughts of YHVH no one knows except the Ruach of YHVH.”

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