Day 1: Vayechi/Genesis 47:28-48:14

Each of us stands exposed and transparent before YHVH. Yet, the reflection that we see in the mirror is a mere fleshly representation of who the Creator originally made us to be.

If we fail to see the terminating brokenness of our state of being, we will fail to see the need to be restored in His wholeness. We are not yet integrated into YHVH’s ideal potential simply because we have chosen the path to walk in Torah by the power of His Ruach. We are in the process of walking out of death into life. The closer we walk in His Truth as we are led by His Ruach, the closer we get to know Him face to face.

Even in our state of redemption and working out our salvation with fear and trembling, our residual appearance on this earth is only a dim existence of who we are in the eternal realm before the face of YHVH. Nonetheless, He sees us as the sum of our days. He saw Yacov this way, as He accepted Yacov and rejected Esau. YHVH saw David in this way in that he was a man of Yah’s own choosing.

To exemplify this, even more, Ephraim and Manassah were already over 24-years-old when they went before Yacov to be blessed. Not only does Torah state that the two brothers were on the knees of Yosef, but that Yacov speaks of them as children and sees them as his own sons, no longer belonging to Yosef.

Yacov’s vision may have been dim, but his eyes of faith saw into the future. He saw that his name would be perpetuated through his beloved son, Joseph, whose children had been birthed from an Egyptian woman. Inasmuch, these children were not merely adopted, they were grafted into the Covenant family of YHVH. They were not differentiated as adopted sons, they were the same as Yacov’s own sons and were blessed as such.

The engrafting and blessing process of Ephraim and Manassah made them sons of Israel. Yet, in this same action, Yosef was diminished in his role as seed bearer. Even his other children would not be known by Yosef’s name but through the tribal names of Ephraim and Manassah. One could surmise that Yoseph decreased so that a nation would increase. The lesson is clearly seen in Yeshua’s work that he would die so that a nation of kings and priests would be resurrected with Him and His nation, the true nation of Israel, would increase exponentially.

Our own perception of Who we belong to, who we are, and where we are going are all dimmed by the dying world around us. We must not be fooled by the carnality and seemingly reality of this world.

Yeshua released our vision and our self-perceptions by proclaiming that the Kingdom of YHVH was, and is, at hand! This means we are face to face to the Kingdom right here and right now. By faith, our perceived reflection in the mirror now can be seen as His image in that we are being renewed through the finished work of Yeshua. Everywhere we look, everywhere we turn, we can see Yeshua, if we have His eyes to see and His understanding to behold. This is the truest reality that can be achieved: the real-Life perception of Kingdom living, breathing, walking, and being.

Take one last look into the mirror to see what a self-perceived image has been reflecting back to you. Now, close your eyes and ask the Ruach to reveal to you how YHVH sees you. Acknowledge this as the image that Yeshua died to redeem and that it is a work coming to fulfillment before the perfect eyes of the Creator. Admit that your eyes are dim to the reality of what you are, how you look, and what you are being refined to be.

As you walk in the Kingdom, here and now, allow the Ruach to speak truths to you that will help you be purified. He is not revealing blemishes in order to destroy your self-esteem; instead, He is showing you places that need His healing touch. Yeshua is the reflection that you need to be seeing. The marks, scars, and bruises that He bore for your sake are for your peace and wellbeing so that you can overcome every obstacle in your earthly life. You were bought with the precious blood of Yeshua and are no longer seen as an outcasted orphan of the world. You are His child and share in full inheritance as such.

Dwell upon Job 13:1-3, “Behold, my eye has seen all this, my ear has heard and understood it. What you know I also know; I am not inferior to you. But I would speak to El Shaddai and I desire to reason with YHVH.”

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