Day 6: Toldot/Genesis 27:46-28:9

Yacov was a complete man, according to B’reisheet 25:27. What he lacked in skill could be learned. What he lacked in wisdom, could be experienced, then practiced. The eventualities of Yacov’s life would be used to further give insight into fearing Elohim and utilizing the discernment granted to him from on High. It is his discernment that needed to be honed, cultivated, and practiced so that he wouldn’t be a victim of the likes of Laban ever again. Esau, on the other hand, had some discernment, which would have been learned in tracking wild game and living in the “bush.” Unfortunately, his discernment lacked wisdom and knowledge from El Shaddai. The Ruach was seemingly quenched in Esau’s life. This left him wanting in the ability to correctly choose good from evil.

The adventure on which Yacov was about to embark would be YHVH’s tool for purifying Yacov and honing the gifts already stirring in him. Because of his call and the anointing that the Father had upon Yacov as the Seed bearer, Isaac and Rebekah were inclined to help guide their second-born into proper relationships, all the while keeping him at bay from Canaanite women who only brought them strife. This was a show of faith and a kick-start to the sequence of events that would grow Yacov in the ways of YHVH.

While Yacov’s parents responsibly kicked Yacov out of the nest, Laban would beguile his way into Yacov’s life and trap him for twenty years of servitude. From all of these events, Yacov would put the fear of YHVH together with the discernment of man, beast, and land, along with learned and Yah-breathed wisdom and knowledge in order to become even more complete.

The world around us has much corrupted and fleshly wisdom. Humanities accumulation of knowledge is a storehouse of information upon which most people lean as truth and believe to be dependable. This type of humanism has seeped into Christianity and the believer’s world-view, carving away at reliance upon YHVH and His Ruach for true discernment. Sadly, many believers fall victim to a sensationalized version of the Holy Spirit/Ruach, as propagated by sensationalized doctrine touting “spiritual” authority and power. The pseudo gifts amount more to soothsaying and fortune-telling than the reason the Ruach has been sent to the church.

It is quite true that the Ruach is more than capable to share seemingly fantastical insights to us; yet, we are to be accountable for the actions taken through us and by us. After all, we will be judged by our actions. This understanding leads to the time and efforts taken to gain Inspired insight into life, creation, human nature, and just plain living before YHVH. In other words, imitating Yacov and his life seems like a sure way to gain physical and spiritual maturity.

Putting discernment into practice with wisdom and knowledge takes practice. This means that as we grow in faith and relationship with Yeshua, there are many opportunities that present themselves for practice to take place. It is not a matter of practice making perfect, rather, it’s practice making us pure, pure making us refined, and refinement making us vessels of honor to be used by El Shaddai Himself.

With sanctioned/set apart, use comes even more ways that we are to engage the gifts of discernment, knowledge, and wisdom. All of this is of naught if the Ruach haKodesh is not steering and guiding us through the issues, all the while providing the answers with His discernment, knowledge, and wisdom to us. If we exercise our own thoughts and education to solve spiritual equations, they will eventually end up as corrupted answers. Like Yacov going through the trials of being sent away, selecting the right wife, and his devotion to finding out if the Elohim of Abraham and Isaac would be his Elohim, we should not trust our own instincts; instead, we must trust in YHVH with our whole being.

Dwell upon Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in YHVH with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

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