Step 2: What Is the Ruach Saying?

It is easy to assume we know the answer to many questions we take for granted. Assumptions are often made soon after the information is first presented. We, as humans, like a story. This is probably why much of Torah and Scripture is told in narrative pose. Inasmuch, we often use the imagination YHVH gave us to fill in seemingly missing details. What was written during a time of war, could be read in a time of peace, causing the reader to draw conclusions about the writing that relate to peaceful times. In other words, we don’t always know the context and need a better perspective to understanding what is being read.

This is where the Ruach haKodesh comes in. When we become believers, we have access to the biggest library in the universe. The Ruach knows everything and He is willing to teach us if we invite Him into our lives and don’t quench Him with our own initiatives and objectives. The Ruach has been given to us by Yeshua—He is the Ruach of Yeshua—and desires one main thing: To be the Helper that draws us into a closer relationship with Yeshua. This is the purpose of our creation, and it the purpose the Ruach brings to us as we are immersed into Him.

The Ruach gives us the understanding of Torah because He writes YHVH’s Word onto the walls of our hearts. This is heart circumcision, which Moshe prayed for all of Israel to receive. With this fleshy heart now exposed to Truth, better understanding comes when reading and applying Truth to our lives.

One of my daily prayers goes something like this: “Father YHVH, may I walk in your Torah according to the unction of your Ruach haKodesh; and, may I walk in your Ruach haKodesh in obedience with your Torah.” I love this prayer! It makes me think every time I give it back to YHVH and causes me to search my heart for ways that I am walking circumspectly, as well as ways I am walking waywardly.

There are have been many times that I have a good grasp on a Torah passage, only to hear a sound, learned, Hebrew Torah teacher bring up a point about the same passage. Often, they will hint of knowledge they have that will change the paradigm we have about that Torah passage. I have to admit, there are times I dread hearing it. If I’ve been wrong this whole time, I have some vetting and changing to do!You know what, though? I can’t think of a single time that my paradigm was turned on its head. That is so not because of me or my skills as a linguist or talents as a student. It is because the Ruach told me what it meant through study, prayer, and dining on the Word.

By not quenching His presence, the Ruach shows us what the heart of Scripture means. He reveals to us how to walk it out, like Yeshua did; how to apply it today; and how to understand it in the context that YHVH wants for us. This is not mystical, it is set apart revelation from YHVH sent through the direct hot-line to our hearts. 1John 2:27 affirms this by stating, “As for you, the anointing which you received from Him abides in you, and you have no need for anyone to teach you; but as His anointing teaches you about all things, and is true and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you abide in Him.”

The Ruach is the power of the Message and the helper to understand the Message and the anointing to apply the Message. That message is the Truth of Torah, the life of Yeshua and the application for us as we are to tend and cultivate the relationship with YHVH for which we were created.

Inasmuch, this second step should not be sidetracked. Without the Ruach’s input, chances are great for our misconstruing Torah or the rest of Scripture, or that we are misled to believe every other wind of doctrine except the correct one.

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