Rule No. 1

So I was reading about something, that I admit, was not a normal detour to my canon. Nonetheless, something there caught my eye and I felt that I was supposed to read it for some purpose. After reading the first paragraph and scanning most of the rest of the article, I had already come to the conclusion that I must have “misunderstood” the Ruach. But, at the end of the article, there was the admonition.

After wading in and averting my eyes from the words on a page that were hard to bare, I was given the golden nugget. The article in question was, shall we say, anti-Torah. It blatantly bore the resinous film of world filth, pampered hedonism, and alt-left/right offensiveness for offensiveness sake. It was a take on a day’s event in, where else: San Francisco, Calif. I think we can all roll our eyes at that.

But, there’s more.

Truth is hard to swallow, being even more bitter when found within the enemy’s camp. It is at that very camp, in the heart of sybaritism, that a bite-sized morsel was found, devoured, and found to be already all too well acquainted.

I have found that most every lie the adversary throws up, most any cunning success of swaying the masses away from Christian thought, about every ideology that presents itself juxtaposed to Messiah’s teachings have this one thing in common: There is a morsel of truth to them. It may not be much, but it’s certainly enough to gain traction and have a following.

Think about it for a moment, the adversary knows truth better than a believer. Yes, even we stoic, Torah-thumping tear of believers, who think we have the cat by the tail. The enemy’s camp is like a fifth-grade classroom, having posted all kinds of witticisms of the day—being ripped out of Scripture and displayed in order to either sway the mind-torn wrongdoer to choose rightly, or to enact fear on the guilty for their transgressions (for they will indeed write one of these standards 1,000 times).

In other words, the adversary knows the truth and is embittered to set us free from our bondage of love, joy, and peace in the Ruach haKodesh. The plots, schemes, and manipulate ploys all have elements of truth intertwined in order to churn the masses to doing everything, or at least anything, against the will of the Creator.

And that is precisely what I was seeing at the bottom of the page. Of all the things I never want to read—a documentation of a very public Satanic ceremonial ritual, put on display for fellow followers to absorb and interact—this very first statement in the closing argument of why Satanism is virtuous pursuit disclosed a profound rule. Out of the seven tenants governing Satanism, the first was a headline and certainly not buried under the fold.

I sat, looking over the other six and disregarding each of them in turn, but constantly coming back to rule number one. It struck me so odd that this group of pariahs would use this as an opener to garner attention and members to their cult.

The minions are called to Question Everything.

This simple declaration seems so right, so pure, so engrained into the very fabric of . . . wait for it . . . The Messianic Movement.

There, I’ve said it. I agree with my own statement. Our movement, the very one many of us try to shake the name of, coming up with any other name just so we aren’t identified as one of “them,” has adopted a philosophy that governs its very nemesis. And, we are utterly and profoundly guilty of raising the glass to anarchy, mutiny, and rebellion. As the words “L’chaim” come out of our mouths, the inner thoughts (the words Yeshua really hears from us) are uttering death to each other is some form or fashion.

Don’t get me wrong here, most of us came out of the church because we began Question Everything concerning the tenants of those religious confines. Yet, I have to raise my hand and question that. Were we the ones questioning heretical teachings or was it the Ruach of YHVH within us? Nonetheless, we felt good about the actions we took, and fortunate to be liberated from the shackles of false faith. The impunity we received by leaving the church behind felt like a nice soak in a hot tub, made just for us by YHVH. We escaped draining the baptismal pool only to drown in our own self-righteousness.

We are such foolish patriots of our new found faith. Instead of seeing Who brought us truth, we continually chalk up our positive choices to our own adeptness and aversion to falsehood. We accept credit for what we had nothing to do with, and are very eager to castigate anyone that stands in our way with a “Stop,” “Caution,” or even “Go Slow” sign.

We are proud to be among those who Question Everything. We take pride in our actions to deride others of their truths and heart-held convictions, especially if it smacks of the old way of doing things. The church has become our enemy, our mosh pit of despair from which we must have arisen victoriously over such tyranny. Never mind that it was the same institution from which YHVH sovereignly took us from this world and placed us within Jesus’ bosom. Forget that it was there that we cut our teeth on Scripture, learning to walk as Christ walked, and certainly forget about learning the love, charity, and fruit that is to born by us—Christians.

Could it be that the water in that baptismal pool has escaped to a better place than we have? Perhaps we have chosen to question the application of that watery grave in exchange for our own intuitions and self-ideals. Maybe, per chance, we have applauded the emptied pool that is now a metaphor for our lives—void of the Ruach haKodesh and emptied of life.

So, I Question Everything. I question the movement we are so blindly following, willing to love us until they find the first freckle that offends. I question the people who say they love me, but have no time for me. I question the love people say they have when there is not fruit bearing its name. I question the people who put truth on a pedestal, proclaiming its importance and bowing down at its throne, only to forget the Truth -Giver as the One-and-only Most Important Anything. I question . . . everything about this movement. It has not moved me in 25 years. Only YHVH has done that, and to Him, I am grateful.

So, fellow believers, we can stand proud to Question Everything about each other, our faith, our convictions . . . everything. We can stand proud in our unity of one—a single person proclaiming all he knows; rather, regurgitating all he has heard and thinks he has studied out correctly. We can obviously stand proud to love each other the way Yeshua loves His bride, and the way we heckle, spit upon, and demean each other in vicious, selfless attacks of vindication. We can stand proud to Question Everything and count ourselves as being just as open-minded as, well . . . Satanists.


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