Torah 1020: Convenant Concepts



Torah 1020: Covenant Concepts is a full year’s curriculum (54 weeks!) covering weekly and daily Torah portions. With Scripturally-based questions, thought provoking devotionals, and germane discussions, Torah 1020 helps students of Messiah learn while developing a closer relationship with their Redeemer.

Each week begins with a teaching and transitions to a daily journal. Each day has four to six questions corresponding to a specified Torah portion. Answers will vary based on the level of study and spiritual growth.

Rounding the corner for each day’s study is Connecting the Jots—a daily devotional that wraps up the questions with insightful concepts.

Words to Reflect is the perfect way to conclude the daily study. This section calls out a relevant and applicable passage to reflect on internally while reflecting YHVH’s Words back him.

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