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Unleaven U is more than Torah Studies, it’s a different paradigm. While we do offer lecture-based courses (coming soon), we want you to grow beyond someone telling you what to think. Many of our courses are structured in a question/answer style in order to break the status quo of someone telling you what to think or how to act. Instead, we believe the Ruach haKodesh (the Holy Spirit) is alive and well. He is willing and waiting to lead you to all Truth, as well as teaching you how to worship in Him.

At Unleaven U, learning isn’t focused on fact memorization, reading cycles, or convincing you of various positions regarded as truth by some, but disregarded by others. Our number one goal is to bring glory to YHVH by extolling Him first and foremost. It is Yeshua Who has finished the work at the execution stake, and He is worthy to be lifted high in our studies, praise, and deeds. Inasmuch, leading others to YHVH through a solid relationship with Yeshua is paramount.

It is nurturing and cultivating a relationship with our Savior where we are fulfilling Yeshua’s command to make disciples of all nations. Unfortunately, we cannot meet everyone that uses our studies, but we hope to foster a deep relationship between them and the Creator of the Universe. This is the reason we were created—to have communion with our Abba. The more we know about Him and His house rules, the more we apply those rules to our lives by the unction of the Ruach haKoesh, the closer we will be drawn to the Father through our Advocate, Yeshua.

Sometimes, tending, cultivating, and/or nurturing isn’t easy. After all, these are the very things Adam and Chava were charged with doing in the Garden. Similarly, Aaron and his four sons were to wait at the doorway of the Tent of Meeting, to tend to YHVH. We see this same sentiment when Yeshua asked Simon Peter if he loved Him. Peter was charged with feeding, tending, and shepherding Yeshua’s lambs and sheep. All of these instances is more than just physically feeding someone. Afterall, YHVH doesn’t require food, and one could make state Adam and Chava didn’t need additional food than what was in the Garden for them.

As much as physical nourishment is required, we all need spiritual nourishment. If that is in proper order, then emotional nourishment soon follows. It is Unleaven U’s hope to fulfill a portion of our call to tend and cultivate others in a Covenant walk with Yeshua. He is the Master Gardener, and we hope to pen the questions He would ask each of us as we are to take His yoke upon us.

As we tend to our own faith, each of us is accountable to the Father to learn His Truth. Learning it isn’t always enough, though. We may know what not to eat, but do we know why YHVH has given us food or why He tied food to sin—even from the beginning?

All of this may seem off topic in explaining what Unleaven U is or what we are about. However, this is where we come from and where we are aiming to go. We desire to know Yeshua in intimate terms. Moreover, we desire to be known by our Kinsman Redeemer, so that He would not be ashamed of His Body. Each of us is exposed as naked and ashamed. It is in this state of vulnerability that we find Yeshua, Who picks us up, clothes us in His righteousness, and girds us with the strength of His Ruach.


Devoted to Yeshua!

“Using this incredible daily devotional series has changed my life! I’m encouraged, and each turn of the page draws me into a closer relationship with Yeshua.”


Torah 1020 Is Here

Torah 1020: Covenant Concepts is the perfect place to start your studies. With insightful applications, digging into the Word becomes alive and powerful!

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