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Part of nurturing any relationship is putting time and effort into it. This isn’t said condemningly since we all run short of time on any given day; rather, Unleaven U curriculums offer scheduled approach to systematically help gain Scriptural understanding in bite-sized pieces. That’s why daily lessons have a reading assignment, questions to answer, sidebars to discuss, applications to absorb, and Words to Reflect.

The daily readings are based on a yearly Torah portion (parasha) cycle. However, we have deviated slightly in order to get a week’s reading done in six days so that the seventh day, Shabbat, can be used to recapture the entire reading and make physical application to our daily walk with Messiah.

Questions found in our studies are designed to promote critical thinking of topics we assume we know while encouraging users to make conceptual connections to covenantal foundations with Yeshua, His work, the Ruach, and our role as believers.

Our useful sidebar areas contain what we call “Sandals.” These are nuggets of encouragement and insights equip the readers with deeper applications of how to worship YHVH in Spirit and in Truth. Sidebars also include Midrash Points and Vocabulary. By discussing various topics with other like-minded believers, we all benefit. None of us have it all figured out—it takes the whole Body coming together in love so we, and our convictions, are properly fit together in Yeshua.

Sometimes, we just need a gentle nudge to get the conceptual juices flowing. Connecting the Jots does just that. It is not meant as an exhaustive way to look at any given passage of Scripture. Instead, it is a simple, daily resource that allows us to refocus our attention on why we read Torah, why we study it out, and why it is put into our hearts. It’s easy for any of us to read and confirm our knowledge of the do’s and don’ts of our shared faith. Making a fresh connection between the written Word and the Living Word is critical to our developing relationship with Yeshua and each other.

Last, each day is concluded with Words to Reflect. These passages are more than memory verses, they offer us ritual applications of the Word of Yah while giving us personal insights to the way Yeshua lived His life, how Paul exhorted his disciples to walk out their faith, and understand our the Prophets called upon Israel to turn back to Torah.

We pray you will be blessed with Unleaven U studies and curriculums. What we have online is only the beginning. We have several studies written, ready for editing and proofing; moreover, we have plans to use online e-learning software to help homeschoolers and other students, and many other ideas for additional classes.

Blessings in our glorious Messiah,
Unleaven U Staff


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“Using this incredible daily devotional series has changed my life! I’m encouraged, and each turn of the page draws me into a closer relationship with Yeshua.”


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Torah 1020: Covenant Concepts is the perfect place to start your studies. With insightful applications, digging into the Word becomes alive and powerful!


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“This is an easy-to-use, Yeshua centered, home-school solution! It’s flexible, thought provoking, and helps students learn the Truth, not just memorize facts.”

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