Day 4: Noach/Genesis 9:8-17

Signs, signs. Everywhere are signs. Elohim has established His signs of the Covenants made by Him, which He established between Himself, man, beast, and the earth. What is referred to as the Noahidic Covenant is the second in line of several covenants made by YHVH. The first was with Adam and is considered the Adamic Covenant and served as a punishment, as well as a promise. From that time in the Garden forward, man would eat bread by laboring from the eretz/earth, women would persevere through much duress in child conception and bearing, and the serpent would slither on the dust and eventually succumb to being crushed underfoot. These are all distinct signs in which man lives by for ongoing transgression of disobedience.

However, the Covenant was about life and death; thus, man was sentenced to die—destined to go back to the dust from which he was formed. But, the prophesied heel of the Seed would certainly crush the head of the serpent that would strike at his foot. This was the promise and a sign of hope to all future generations.

Subsequent covenants would be established many times over; such as the Abrahamic Covenant, which includes the promise that his seed was to be a blessing to all nations, as well as the promise of their inheritance, which includes the land of promise. This covenant was to both man and land as the land of Canaan would be a perpetual possession. As a sign, Abraham was to circumcise his male children at the age of eight days old. Those who walk in that circumcision would be considered eligible heirs to the promises of Abraham.

Much later, a renewed Covenant would be re-kindled as Yeshua was the answer to the Davidic Covenant of David’s seed possessing the throne of Israel, forever. In like manner, Messiah also renewed the Abrahamic and Adamic Covenants as being THE Promised Seed, which includes circumcising the hearts of men; thus, this ratified the Mosaic Covenant as personal, tangible, and doable through the Ruach haKodesh/Holy Spirit.

Many of these signs of Covenant were and are readily seen and tangible. Not only would the Ruach empower the Covenant keeper to wonders of healing, knowledge, wisdom, prayer, prophecy, and more, but Elohim’s renewal and restoration into His Covenant would draw men unto Himself as a people, nation, and inheritance. Some signs will be seen more and more significantly as the end of days draws nigh.

Going back to the Noahidic Covenant, another sign was established—the Rainbow. Something that physics designates as a prism effect, Elohim created this sign as a promise and evidence thereof. This was not simply a matter of water and sunlight, but a demonstration of constraint. As man looks to the sky and sees the Bow, it is beautiful in its own right. Looking closer, however, reveals an interesting and sometimes overlooked facet.

A bow, when used with an arrow, is a weapon that man has utilized in seizing not only food but protection, as well. Elohim caused His Covenant Bow to be seen by man as a weapon pointed up, toward the Father. What would happen if the Creator broke His promise? It will not happen so it is a moot point; yet, this sign still points at the Father, reminding Him of His sole responsibility to keep a promise.

With other Covenants, there is a portion for man to keep and observe as part of the Covenant relationship. Even though all men are brought forth in discomfort through the curse of woman and man must work by the sweat his brow and die, man does have the ability to live in Messiah, forever. He can leave behind the curse of toiling if he looks away from the earth for his blessing and provision. He must raise his eyes and look to the Father for all sustenance, provision, and protection. Israel is promised multi-fold blessings in this same context as found in Devarim/Deuteronomy chapter 28.

In a similar fashion, removing the foreskin is an act and rite of Covenant, as is keeping Torah for the sake of remaining and abiding in Messiah and His sanctification. Man must take an active role in all of these Covenants.

The rainbow is different. Man, beast, nor earth does nothing to merit a restraining hand of the Master; yet, YHVH promises to never destroy all flesh or land with water again. It is not incumbent upon mankind to “keep” or even “observe” the Rainbow in order for the Creator to fulfill His promise. If man never saw the Bow aimed toward heaven, the entire world and creatures would still never be destroyed by flood again.

With all other Covenants established, there are consequences (most dire) in not upholding man’s side Covenant keepers. If we do not see the Creator as the only liberator from death, we will certainly die. If we do not accept the Seed and His circumcision made without hands, our faith in all other goodness and all our righteousness is as filthy rags. While we may only gaze up at the Rainbow and see hope for a future, we are responsible to honor the Covenants of YHVH in faith, action, and love. The One Who grants covenant relationship and draws us close to Himself in His Covenant is the Faithful One. It is possible to see the Covenants and appreciate them and yet still not be part of them. Perhaps for the Rainbow, that is enough.

Will we have the fortitude to observe and honor the remaining Covenants that have been revealed to us?

James 1:21-22, “Therefore, putting aside all filthiness and all that remains of wickedness, in humility receive the Word implanted, which is able to save your souls. But prove yourselves doers of the Word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves.”

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