Day 5: Miketz/Genesis 43:1-29

Upon returning to Egypt, it was revealed to Yosef’s servant that the sons of Israel had all found their money in the mouth of their sacks, which was used to purchase grain on their previous visit. The ten brothers knew judgment was sure to take place in Yosef’s house. In their nervous explanation, they spoke to Yosef’s servant who knew of the planted money, because he had been ordered to place it into the sacks by Yosef’s himself.

There are two wonderful representations of Messiah in this portion of Torah. First, Yosef is seen as a man who has the power to judge and carry out sentencing. As such, he has servants. The one he appoints serves as an intermediary for Yosef. He carries out his master’s orders and speaks to the people with the authority of his master. Yeshua, while not less than YHVH Himself, humbled himself to be in this role, yet capable of much more. He was/is able to give wisdom and judge righteously as we come to Him with our problems and present to Him our burdens of fear and harsh or unfair judgment.

The second comparison to Messiah is the money that the servant reveals as treasure. In Hebrew, the word used for treasure is matmown, which means hidden treasure. It, also, means a place where treasure is hidden or buried. Now, this seems very interesting knowing that we are to seek the greatest treasure, Yeshua, as the epitome of YHVH’s love for us. This is the truest treasure of all. In seeking for it, we find many hidden treasures along the way, buried for us to reveal, which point to the Master Himself.

One cannot look at this passage without thinking of Yeshua’s conversation with Peter about paying a certain tax. While Yeshua spoke of themselves as being sons of the King, He readily gave instructions on how Peter would find a shekel in a fish’s mouth. Peter only needed the insight into where to find it.

The sons of Israel found the treasure which was obscured by the top of their sacks; buried, if you will, in the sackcloth. Likewise, Yeshua was buried in the top of the earth concealed by a stone. While most of humanity did not know or care that a Savior had just died and been hidden in the earth, there were a handful of people who went and searched for their Master. When they found Him, much rejoicing took place, once Yeshua was revealed and found alive.

It must be said that YHVH is much more concerned with our spiritual well-being than with money from fish or tops of sacks. He desires to reveal His Son to us as the risen One, raised from the grave. Additionally, He gives us incredible riches of His mercy and loving-kindness as we search for and walk in Yeshua.

As you read Torah, the Prophets (Tanak), and the Brit Hadashah (New Covenant), ask the Ruach to reveal Himself to you as hidden manna, treasure, that has been hidden until such a time as this. It has been hidden for the ages to be found by you, right now. It may be for spiritual edification, or to draw you closer to your Redeemer. His treasure could be to show you what your call is or what next step should be taken.

The sons of Israel, as terrified as they were to be judged and convicted, still informed Yosef’s servant of the treasure in their sacks. What is hidden in your heart that you are keeping from the Father? What treasure have you found there, but are timid to know more about?

Dwell upon Proverbs 25:2, “It is the glory of Elohim to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter.”

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