Day 3: Miketz/Genesis 41:53-42:17

We know, from past history, that many of the sons of Israel are very capable of taking care and defending themselves. It could, even, be surmised that the people of Canaan were afraid of Israel due to Simeon’s and Levi’s actions in retaliation for Dinah.

With this in mind, something interesting arises when Yacov sends ten of his sons into Egypt with the intention for them to buy bread for their families. Upon arrival, Yosef accuses his brothers of being spies and that they have come to look upon the undefended parts of Egypt. (NASB) The Hebrew word used for undefended is ‘ervah. It means nakedness, nudity, or shame, as well as, being undefended. The significance of this word contains a valuable lesson for us in our wanderings with people and with YHVH.

Yosef saw an opportunity to bring a charge against his brothers that they were unable to prove otherwise due to their vulnerability. He, also, saw his brother’s ‘ervah as they were in a strange land, without the protective covering of their family’s servants or patriarch. Israel’s sons were forced to bring themselves into submission to a strange authority within a land that was unfamiliar. This was an opportunity that Yosef exploited in order to expose fear in them, as well as, humble the arrogance that had sold him into slavery. In all of this, the brothers willingly submitted and humbled themselves to Yosef. One would have to ask if they had known it was Yosef, what their reaction would have been?

The vulnerability of the ten sons was taken advantage of by Yoseph. He sees their undependable situation and lifted their skirts in order to humble them.

It doesn’t matter where we are, there are times when we should practice modesty by defending what we can, and there are times when YHVH will lift our skirts and we stand exposed (usually due to our own pride). No man can expose our nakedness without the permission and sovereign will of the Father. Our response must be humility, both to fellow believers and strangers, as well as our King.

When our enemies see our undefended portions, we must take to our knees first and foremost. The defense will come as our King redeems us and manifests His interest for His preparing Bride. As His bride to be, it is our responsibility to take solace in Yeshua, Who was completely exposed for our sakes, and in every way imaginable. While Messiah seems the most vulnerable, being stripped of skin, beard, clothing, and human dignity, He was still the strongest being in the universe. By being humble, He provided salvation to all who would accept Him.

The humility that the sons of Israel faced would be turned around for restoration. Our humility before YHVH and our fellow man will be fulfilled through a complete restoration in the end, too. Do not lose heart in the vulnerabilities of the flesh. In due time, we will overcome and the conquering King will rule.

Dwell upon Ezekiel 16:8, “’I passed by you and saw you, and behold, you were at the time for love; so I spread My skirt over you and covered your nakedness I also swore to you and entered into a covenant with you so that you became Mine,’ declares Elohim YHVH.”

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