Day 2: Miketz/Genesis 41:39-52

Real wisdom only comes from YHVH. Paul says in 1 Cor., “For the wisdom of the world is foolishness before Elohim for it is written, ‘He is the One Who catches the wise in their craftiness.'”

If someone around you announces, flaunts, or distinguishes his own wisdom, lookout. We must walk humbly before YHVH, so that we may hear the wisdom in YHVH’s voice and have the discernment to distinguish between His voice and man’s, including our own.

Yosef has not shown himself to be foolish since before he was sold into captivity. Even then, it could be debated how foolish it may have been to share his dreams with his family since that was the precursor to bring Yosef to a point of salvation of Israel.

Men saw the wisdom in Yosef and were drawn to it. What’s more, men used that wisdom and anointing on Yosef’s life for their own benefit. They saw that Yosef prospered because of YHVH and placed him in charge of a household, a dungeon, and, eventually, a kingdom. This is not necessarily taking advantage of Yosef, but actions taken by most any shrewd, business/political person. If someone working for you has a gift, you use that person in their gift.

Additionally, we do not hear Yosef sounding his own horn for praise; rather, he gives Elohim glory to Whom all things belong. As such, Yosef is remembered in the Father’s timing; He is used the way the Father wills. This is a way in which YHVH uses His people, when they are His humble servants, to impact the world.

If we speak the wisdom of the Father, three things may occur from those around us. 1) Complete and utter disregard (rejection). 2) Anger, hatred, and persecution (rejection). And, 3) acceptance, repentance, and compliance (acceptance).

When we accept YHVH’s wisdom, whether by the Ruach, man, or donkey, and we are obedient, we honor YHVH. In turn, our humility is seen by the Father and He esteems or lifts us up.

It is wrong for us to seek a position, accolades, audiences, or attention. When the benefits do come from walking humbly and wisely, it can be a time for more pruning and growth to take place. While YHVH hears our requests, aspirations sought are answered in order to purify and work within His plan for others. It is not just so we will be “king.” We plainly see this within the context of King Saul as a rejected, man requested king and King David, whom YHVH loved and chose for Himself.

What wisdom do you possess and for what purpose do you seek more? It is better to seek the wisdom of YHVH and be foolish among men, then to have all earthly wisdom and be counted a fool before the Judge. In due time, you will be exalted into the position that YHVH has planned for you. The waiting may be long, but love for YHVH and His people more about the journey of long-suffering than authority. The dungeons in our lives are what bring about the vessels of honor that YHVH uses for His fulfillment.

Dwell upon James 4:10, Humble yourselves in the presence of YHVH, and He will exalt you.”

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