Day 1: Miketz/Genesis 41:1-38

Every single one of us has a gift. What’s more, every single person has a call and function for this life. There are a few people in this world that have an extraordinary gift on top of what they are called or gifted to accomplish. They know what their call and function are.

How exciting is that—to know what you are placed on earth to accomplish and your function as a created being! Unfortunately, most people either do not obtain the knowledge or understanding of their role in humanity; or, they fail in their struggle and striving to obtain goals and values. What incurs is paralysis.

Yosef, even to the point of being second only to Pharaoh, still had not achieved his primary call. While, in this narrative, he is now in a position to walk out the fulfillment of his calling by YHVH, he still has to arrive at that point of history.

Yosef had already reached many pinnacles in his young life. Being only thirty, he had accomplished much more than being esteemed by his father, or being made master-servant over Potiphar’s household, or being the head of a prison among all the other prisoners. Yosef learned humility and obedience from the school of hard knocks. He learned submissiveness to authority, namely the Sovereign YHVH. It is at this point that the Father has placed Yoseph in the final position to fulfill his call. This took two more years than he would have ever expected—time enough to give up and to believe for almost any other solution.

Our lives come to many crossroads of decision, worry, and anxiety. Most of us experience seasons of solitude and, maybe, even abandonment. If we are not convinced of YHVH’s perfect will and love for us, then it would be quite easy to fall into complacency and assume that YHVH is not with us any longer.

It is in these darkest hours that YHVH is watching us and longing for our personal abandonment of our own will to choose His. Just like Yosef, our usefulness begins with emptiness. Just like Yosef, our employment by the Master starts and, seemingly, stalls abruptly. Yet, it is His will, not ours; His testing, not ours; and, ultimately, His righteousness, not ours.

Yosef gives much encouragement about how the Father calls us, tests us, purifies us, and then positions us for His use and purpose. Even within an anointed position, the Master waits to be sure pride does not seep into our beings. He longs for strong, convicted Covenant keepers that long to love Him and do only His pleasure.

Take time to seek the Father for your call and appointment. This may take more than just a prayer or two. It could take the next few years to realize the direction He has you going. You may not ever get to a point of complete focus until you arrive at your destined point of history. It is the time spent in the search and in the journey is where you will find peace and contentment. YHVH has a perfect plan for your life. Seek His plan and His portion.

Dwell upon Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.”

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