Intro to Torah 1020

Torah 1020: Covenant Concepts is a full year’s curriculum and Torah study. Using daily and weekly Torah portions, Unleaven U integrates Hebraic principles with the teachings of Yeshua, Moshe, Paul, and other Scriptural precepts. Using Scripturally-based questions, thought provoking devotionals, and germane discussions, Torah 1020 helps students of Messiah learn while developing a closer relationship with their Redeemer.

This 54-week study promotes readers to draw conclusions from studying and vetting out Truth for themselves rather than taking other people’s opinions as doctrinal truths. Instead of making assumptions about what is read, challenging insights bring students face-to-face with passages in direct conflict with denominational teachings.

Moreover, this Torah 1020 is flexible and allows people to pick one, two or all of the questions to answer daily. This works great with larger Torah Study settings where questions can be assigned or when round-robin styles of discussions are more prevalent. This gives a wider range of answers for the same question while allowing for everyone to be on the same page and explore themed topics together.

From Torah study groups to daily devotions and homeschool curriculumn, Torah 1020 is a remarkable way for people of all ages to learn and interact with Torah while bolstering their relationship with Yeshua and others around them.

Inside Torah 1020: Covenant Concepts, you will find:

  • Flexible learning around your schedule
  • An adaptable study for groups and ages
  • Questions and discussions designed to make you think
  • A user-friendly path of learning
  • It’s easy to follow and work through
  • A thorough guide using the whole Word of YHVH
  • Focused learning using conceptual thinking
  • The perfect homeschool Torah curriculumn
  • Scripturally-based themes from beginning to end
  • Day after day full of new perspectives
  • A Yeshua-centered homeschool curriculum
  • An incredible, daily devotional guide
  • Extremely insightful information for new or mature believers alike
  • An incredible tool for private or congregational Torah study groups

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