Day 5: Chayei Sarah/Genesis 24:53-67

Why is man so afraid of the unknown?

When at war, a person, even a nation, can become so used to war that peace seems distant and surreal. Conversely, those that have never known war would presume it to be barbaric and completely unnecessary when compared to peace. It is the unknown or the change in routine and lifestyle that the unknown brings with it that so riddles man with anxiety?

Of all the people in Torah, Rebekah was asked to do something completely out of her comfort zone. While Moshe was asked by YHVH to lead Israel out of bondage, he had eighty years of life’s experience under his belt and those same years to develop the wisdom and knowledge granted by the Ruach haKodesh. Similarly, Yacov had already moved around quite a bit and famine was forcing him to resettle in Egypt, so his lifestyle changes were not as drastic as Rebekah’s. She was a young woman, innocent and only really familiar with her family’s surroundings. Yet, she readily agreed to leave home and be a wife to an obscure person— a relative no less! Once consulted on her wishes, Rebekah did not hesitate to go with Abraham’s servant. Talk about being ready for a new adventure!

The Creator saw the need in man’s loneliness that could only be fulfilled with a counterpart. As man was made in the Creator’s image to fit into Him as His counterpart, woman was created with man in mind and from man’s own flesh to be a fulfillment to his longings and share in life’s adventures.

This part of creation reveals a beautiful part of Who YHVH is. As man and woman were fashioned after the Creator’s own image, Elohim within Himself embodies the masculine and feminine side of humanity. The emotional and physical attributes both come from the Father Who placed them in humanity. It is humanity who has perverted these attributes and allowed temptation to rule these characteristics. If a man loses his own life in gaining Messiah’s, the drive and will to follow base and earth-bound desires die, as well. It is the Ruach haKodesh that takes the place of conscience, emotional response, physical need, and action.

In a YHVH inspired response to problems and decisions, man has the ability to do incredible accomplishments. Importantly, those deeds may seem to be obscure, sometimes even ridiculous to the casual observer.

This is the exact place where Rebekah finds her own life upon leaving family and home. She signified the Ruach’s response to a situation presented to her by YHVH. In Isaac lie the vacuum of emotions bereft by his deceased mother. His physical desire and actions were lacking due to the missing element of one to comfort and aid and soothe the emptiness within himself.

Within Rebekah, the Ruach haKodesh worked all of these characteristics as a counterbalance and help to Isaac. He needed her and she would find that she needed him as she left her family and join herself to Isaac.

Rebekah represents the Ruach of Elohim in that she will be comforting Isaac. That same side of the Father was fashioned into Adam and has been inherited by all of humanity. Not only did man need a helpmate for his life, for loneliness, and to care for her, she would be a physical reminder and representation of the Ruach haKodesh as the man sought counsel and shared all his strength and emotion with her while traversing the unknowns of life.

Adventure with the Ruach is like going into the unknown. Peter went with unknown men after seeing the sheet coming down from heaven. Paul followed his anointed, apostolic calling by traveling to all kinds of places, teaching Yeshua, and transcribing proper interpretation of Torah. These men could not have done the work for YHVH if they did not recognize the Ruach’s interaction, call, and unction in their lives. Likewise, Rebekah heard that call when Abraham’s servant arrived and she said yes to His wooing.

The unknown and uncertainty lies in wait for each of us. They are an adventure wrought with excitement, danger, and fulfillment in our lives. The proper navigation of the unknown leads to the desire for more adventure. That need points to the Father and desires that can only be fulfilled by His Ruach, as He guides, teaches, and help us along the journey.

As much as the loss of our own selves is important, relenting to the Ruach’s will and taking the journey for the opportunity of spiritual growth are equally important. Without the times of stretching and adversity, how would we come to realize how faithful YHVH is? Without the opportunities for change and the faith to know that the unknown is safe in the Master’s hands, how would we truly understand the need we have for the Comforter?

It is this journey that teaches us our role as the bride of Messiah and the created helpmate of YHVH.

Dwell upon Deuteronomy 31:6, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for YHVH your Elohim goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you.”

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