Day 6: B’reisheet/Genesis 5:25-6:8

The sensational approach to teaching, preaching, and marketing the Word of Elohim has become a real racket. This is not a new accusation, but rather an old practice of over-exaggerating the truth while to convince others of personal points-of-view and with a dash of personal conviction. Sadly, many have turned to this abuse of teaching with zealousness (even a display of mock zealotry). The outcome is more like manipulation of both the facts and people. This is not to say that Elohim is incapable of doing magnificent and marvelous signs, wonders, and instantaneous answers. Nevertheless, Elohim does use the physics He created, as well as the Laws of His abode, which govern all aspects of this earth.

It is man that has made writings, such as the book of Enoch, the commentary found the Talmud, and the like (this includes “Christian writings, such as the Methodist Handbook or most anything associated with Catholicism), touting speculations-of-larger than life lessons or “treasures” that, in turn, are more akin fables, myths, and urban legends. Man has run with these fictitious notions, which have granules of truth, and created sensationalized doctrines, even entire religions. In addition, the mingling of Torah writings and various beliefs from Greek mythology has not helped. In truth, this mixing is nothing less than the same sins committed by man’s ancestors, in which they mingled the holiness of Elohim’s creation with their own corruptions and debasement.

Here are some subtle facts to ponder:

  • Elohim never once mentions that angels can mate or multiply (the Jude 1:6 reference does not refer to angels committing acts of intimacy, but they abandoned their proper place before the throne of YHVH).
  • Torah does not refer to Nephilim, Rephilim, or the sons of Anak as anything more than giants and mentions nothing of demons.
  • The “sons of Elohim” is stated as ben meaning sons, not demons.
  • In addition, “daughters of men/adam” are bat meaning daughter. This is stated to make some clear points of gender while logically progressing where men would have found helpmates in the days of Noach/Noah.

History is replete with psychotic men looking to manipulate the world and control all of mankind. In their delusions of grandeur, they have maimed, killed, perverted, and sinned in every way imaginable, and in other ways, no one would ever want to know. The days of Noach were so exceedingly evil that Torah tells us just how sorry He was that He had even created man and how grieved He was because of them.

Again, the Creator was grieved, in this context, due to man’s existence, not demons, fallen angels, or their follies.

A more recent foray into similar world domination was Hitler’s assault on the Jewish race and humanity in general. This was a twisted man bent on creating a perfect, “master” race. What he accomplished in less than fifteen years is a blight on the passages of history and will mar man’s existence forever. Nonetheless, it was not new. It was a repeat of the days of Nimrod and the tower of Babel.

With this in mind, the men living prior to the flood were living upward of eight and nine hundred years. After the flood, while declining in ages, men still lived long lives of hundreds of years. These time spans were more than enough to make plans, form strategic family groupings (mating sets), conceive, and grow children that were ideal for breeding programs in order to create a master race of giants.

The likes of Nimrod were already bent on creating a tower to heaven; what would stop them from breeding people for the sake of a stronger, controlling race before or after the flood?

The start of this was not only self-serving motives and carnal desires. It was the abandonment of Elohim by His creation who were instructed to fulfill His purpose. Those of the earth were not to carry the Seed of hope/Righteousness like the direct lineages of Adam through Lamech. When the sons/ben of God/Elohim saw that the daughters/bat of men/adam (from families who had left faithfulness) were beautiful, they abandoned their rightful positions of men of Elohim for the ways of the flesh. Like the angels mentioned in Jude, men thought they knew better for themselves and, in their own pride, created yet another chasm between themselves and the Creator.

For our part, we are guilty of doing the exact same sins as the men of Noach’s days. The mixing seed, materials, stories, convictions, doctrine, and with some truths is dangerous and unLawful. All of us have been guilty of leaving behind Truth for the fanciful sensationalism that others have taught for their own vain gloriousness and to manipulate their followers. Why would haSatan need to have his minions breed with men when simple manipulation and lust work much better and far longer?

The shackles of perverted teachings and the sins of our forefathers (and our old selves) have been removed. The choices we make going fore will either bind us with the same shackles as before (while blinding our eyes and hearts to Truth) or will continue to keep us as set apart for the Father’s use.

We have to choose to seek after the pure Word and YHVH’s direction for our lives. Anything less will cause us to commingle Truth we have learned with fleshly desires, un-scriptural philosophies, and man-made doctrines/traditions. If we think we know better than the Creator, so be it. We will continue to create corrupt religions and institutes that lead only to death.

Perhaps, it is time we choose to gaze upon the beauty of YHVH, His Son, and Word. Maybe, we can stop this cycle of mixing that which is set-apart with that which is earthly and corrupt. The level of purity is up to us to choose and act upon. It takes faith to take YHVH at His Word without adding or taking away from it. That faith, though, is dead without actions that back up our beliefs. Will we stand up to lies, new and old? Or, will we swallow the same poisons our forefathers did in deference to the tickling of our ears and our desires?

Dwell upon Romans 12:2, “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

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