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Our courses are designed to help the believer grow stronger through a Covenant relationship with Yeshua Messiah. Each study lesson breaks down the daily reading into bite-sized questions to help the student look at three main criteria in order to provide an answer. These paradigms are important in and of themselves. What we see in many churches or individual spiritual relationships are exclusions of one or more of these concerns. When walking in all three, these become defense from heretical teachings and the ability to be misled is greatly diminished.

As a prologue, it is imperative that the student is walking with Yeshua as their savior and master. Without this foundational requirement, questions will not make sense, and the rationale behind working through a study of this kind is moot. A working relationship with Yeshua means several things. First, it is functional. In other words, Yeshua desires to have communion with us. It is why we were created and why He suffered for us as a personal Savior and Redeemer. If we are redeemed, we are from sin, but for a reason—to be the counterpart of YHVH through Himself (Yeshua) come to us as the Husband of Israel.

Second, it is work. That is not to state that we are saved by our works. Our Salvation comes through the work of Yeshua, accomplished by His suffering, death, and resurrection. Yet, that is not the end of the story. Fulfilled salvation comes at the time of judgment when we are told to enter into eternal rest with Yeshua at His abode. Until then, Paul reminds us that we each work out our salvation with fear and trembling. Remember, Yeshua stated that if we love Him, we will keep His commandments. That sounds like working through a whole lot of flesh that wants to hinder us in order to love Yeshua and dine with Him.

Those commandments, by the way, are not new. Yeshua didn’t arrive on the scene to give us new laws, He gave us the 411 on how to keep the original laws from the heart and with integrity. In other words, Yeshua taught us how to obey from the heart and to be worshippers in Spirit/Ruach and Truth/Emet.

With that stated, a working and active relationship with Yeshua is necessary to answer the questions Unleaven U presents in the majority of the studies.

Does that make it the right answer?

He will be the judge of that. Until then, the building of your faith and trust in Yeshua is a driving force in creating these studies, and hopefully for completing them, too. Obviously, there are wrong answers. However, you will be surprised by how many right answers are available for many questions. It all depends on how much effort you want to put into developing your own worldview from the eyes of Yeshua instead of eyes of the person telling you what to think.

Remember this as you continue to read the three crucial steps for answering Unleaven U study questions:
What Does Scripture Really Say?
How Does This Apply to My Relationship With Yeshua?
What Is the Ruach Saying?

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